New York Times George Gustines on Graphic Novels

New York Times®: Geroge Gustines on Graphic Novels

The Night Bookmobile

(Hardcover, ABRAMS)

Kill Shakespeare, Volume 1

(Paperback, IDW Publishing)

The Adventures of Unemployed Man

(Paperback, Little, Brown and Company)

Heart Transplant

(Hardcover, Dark Horse Comics)

A Drunken Dream and Other Stories

(Hardcover, Fantagraphics Books)


(Hardcover, DC Comics)

Return of the Dapper Men

(Hardcover, Archaia Studios Press)

American Vampire, Volume 1

(Hardcover, Vertigo)

Scott Pilgrim, Volume 6

(Paperback, Oni Press)

The Outfit

(Hardcover, IDW Publishing)

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