Asgard Games

Business Type: Bookstore

5016 Kirby Drive
Houston, Texas 77005

Phone: (713) 677-0699 ()


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Store Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 10am-9pm
Fri-Sat: 10am - Midnight
Sundays: 12am to 6pm

These closing times are not set in stone, they usually stay open later.

Asgard Games is the only place to get your gamer fix. They have plenty of free tables for wargaming and plenty of chairs for collectible card games and board games. The old inventory in all the major miniature table top combat games, and host 4 weekly Magic the Gathering tournaments. Asgard games not only has inventory in roleplaying games but they also have at least 6 different groups running games though out the week.

If your interested in becoming a gamer and what to push yourself away from that computer come on down.

The owners Will and DJ are some of the best indie owners in the game scene here in Houston.

Specialties: RPG, science fiction, D&D, warhammer, boardgames, board games, card games, magic the gathering, MTG, warmahine, pathfinder

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