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Lemuria Bookstore

Lemuria Bookstore
4465 I-55 N
Address 2: 
202 Banner Hall
(601) 366-7619
Store Hours: 
Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm Sunday 9am-3pm

What's in a Name?

According to myth, the lost continent of Lemuria was once home to an advanced human civilization. The Lemurians possessed vast knowledge and great power, as well as the uncanny ability to communicate with one another through mental telepathy. But they were brazen and challenged the gods, who were displeased with their pride. As punishment, the gods took away the gift of telepathy and left them to devise new methods of communication. It was at this time that the Lemurians developed the world's first system of writing and began recording their thoughts in books.
Been There, Done That...

In 1975, Lemuria was just John and some books in a cramped converted apartment in the Quarter on Lakeland Drive. Two years later, Lemuria moved to Highland Village, tripling our size. But it was the move to Banner Hall in 1988 that allowed us to spread out and really get down to the business of books. The new space gave birth to Oz Children's Books. A store in itself, Oz was just the first of many additions and expansions in the Banner Hall location.
...The Next Page...

In the summer of 2000, when Abdo's left Banner Hall, the space was just too much temptation. We knocked down the walls, put up shelves, and added more service and reading areas. The new space opened itself to the flow with contemporary fiction, foreigh fiction, drama, poetry, Southern fiction and more filling its shelves (and countertops...and floors...). We also launched our website in the summer of 2000. Updated weekly, our site reflects the current events and happenings at Lemuria.
...And The Next

Because John's tendency to do things backwards often results in smashing success, it seemed that the next logical (?) step in Lemuria's evolution was to make our website a physical reality. And just to keep everyone scratching their heads, we call it So it isn't just a web address anymore. Located next door to Banner Hall, our "dot-com" store is the perfect location to expand our services...physical, virtual, and social.'s shelves are filled with first editions and other rare books in an atmosphere that's a little more relaxed and inviting than your average laptop. In addition to our our expanded collectibles space, the remodeled facility, complete with interior and exterior stages, provides warehouse-style event space for author readings, signings and special events.

John may do things backwards, but he never does them halfway. So to incorporate Literary Brews (in the time-honored tradition of Books & Beer) into the new location, he even got a beer license so you can relax on the covered deck and sip a cold one as you crease that first page of chapter one.

As our website headquarters, the building is where the web team is kept busy processing web orders and keeping the beer cold. If you need anything in the store or on the website, these are the guys to ask.

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