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Hazelthyme created this book list on because buying local and independent is important to your economy and your community.

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My favorite bookstores:

Buffalo Street Books
215 North Cayuga Street
Ithaca, New York 14850-4329
(607) 273-8246

Peter S. Goodman
Published by: Times Books
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780805089806)
Robert Spector
Published by: Walker & Company
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780802716057)
Ken Fisher; Lara W. Hoffmans
Published by: Wiley
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780470526538)
Dave Ramsey
Published by: Nelson Books
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780785289081)
Leonard Mlodinow
Published by: Pantheon
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780375424045)
Stephen Baker
Published by: Mariner Books
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780547247939)
Paul Krugman
Published by: W. W. Norton & Company
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780393337808)
Michael Lewis
Published by: W. W. Norton & Company
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780393072235)
Simon Johnson; James Kwak
Published by: Pantheon
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780307379054)
Michael J. Silverstein; Kate Sayre; John Butman
Published by: HarperBusiness
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780061776410)

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