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My favorite bookstores:

Eagle Harbor Book Company
157 Winslow Way East
Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110-2425
(206) 842-5332

Liberty Bay Books
18881 D Front Street
Poulsbo, Washington 98370
(360) 779-5909

Seattle Mystery Bookshop
117 Cherry Street
Seattle, Washington 98104-2205
(206) 587-5737

Eric Maisel
Published by: New World Library
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9781577314646)
Jurgen Wolff
Published by: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9781857883671)
23) Focus
Jurgen M. Wolff
Published by: FT Press
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780137002566)
Ken Rand; Patrick Swenson; Keith Boulger
Published by: Fairwood Press
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780966818406)
Eric Maisel
Published by: Tarcher
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9781585423347)
Alijandra Mogilner; Tayopa Mogilner
Published by: Writer's Digest Books
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9781582974132)
Maggie Ann Bowers
Published by: Routledge
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780415268547)
Zamora; Lois P. Zamora; Wendy B. Faris
Published by: Duke University Press
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780822316404)
Lawrence Schimel
Published by: Circlet Press
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9781885865229)
Wendy B. Faris
Published by: Vanderbilt University Press
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780826514424)

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