Reading List During *The Ashes*

The books I was reading either for fun or because the prose reminded me not to be satisfied with anything I came up with on my first, second, third, etc drafts. :)

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My favorite bookstores:

University Book Store
4326 University Way Northeast
Seattle, Washington 98105
(206) 634-3400

The Elliott Bay Book Company
1521 Tenth Ave
Seattle, Washington 98122
(206) 624-6600

Third Place Books
17171 Bothell Way Northeast
Lake Forest Park, Washington 98155
(206) 366-3333

Annie Proulx
Published by: Scribner
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780671510053)
William Faulkner; David Minter
Published by: W. W. Norton & Company
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780393964813)
Michael Chabon
Published by: Picador
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780312282998)
Fyodor Dostoevsky; Richard Pevear; Larissa Volokhonsky
Published by: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780374528379)
Flannery O'Connor; Sally Fitzgerald; Robert Fitzgerald
Published by: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780374508043)
Jorge Luis Borges; Andrew Hurley
Published by: Penguin Books
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780140286809)
Gwendolyn Brooks
Published by: Harper Perennial Modern Classics
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780060882969)
Mark Helprin
Published by: Penguin Books
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780143037255)
Carl Gustav Jung; C. G. Jung; Michael Fordham
Published by: Princeton University Press
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780691097619)
Galway Kinnell; Hannah Liebmann
Published by: Ecco
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780060956547)

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