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Book I recommend

Book I recommend

Ecthompson created this book list on because buying local and independent is important to your economy and your community.

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"Fantastic in-your-face style which complements his excellent reporting. It is not red versus blue but rich versus poor. This is a great book."
Published by: Spiegel & Grau
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780385529952)

"outstanding book which delineates why we can't get ahead. Federal, state and local governments are handing out subsidies to big business and are sticking us with the bill."
Published by: Portfolio
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9781591842484)

"A must read for every American who thinks that they know what the constitution says and means. this book reviews what is and is not controversial in the Constitution. It goes through the relevant cases. Wonderfully written."
Published by: Hyperion Books
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780786886203)

"I read this book a couple years ago. I thought it was a shame how much of the book was redacted. Just saw the movie. It reminded me of all the hardship that these two patriots went through just to tell the truth. Highly recommended."
Published by: Simon & Schuster
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9781451623871)

"This is a great book looking at our financial meltdown from the point of view from a few who saw it coming."
Published by: W. W. Norton & Company
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780393072235)

"Very insightful book. How our system has taken a turn away from our traditional values. "
Published by: Vintage Books USA
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780307277992)

"A story of one extremely successful lobbying firm. This is the playbook. This is how our political system went off course. "
Published by: Vintage Books USA
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9780307385888)

"This is the 3rd and possibly the best book from Markos, the founder of the Daily Kos. "
Published by: Polipoint Press
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9781936227020)

"A different view of the economic meltdown. These guys were never the geniuses that we made them out to be. They are simply out for themselves. A little technical but this is one of the best books about the economic meltdown."
Published by: Pantheon Books
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780307379054)

"How do great people/rich people become great and/or rich? We have been told it is because they are simply smarter than you and I. Malcolm Gladwell proves that the myth is simply a myth. GREAT read. "
Published by: Little Brown and Company
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780316017923)

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