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Cookery Bookery

Cookery Bookery

I like food. Shock.

Ursamajor created this book list on because buying local and independent is important to your economy and your community.

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My favorite bookstores:

Porter Square Books
25 White Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140
(617) 491-2220

Harvard Book Store
1256 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138-3820
(617) 661-1515

Brookline Booksmith
279 Harvard Street
Brookline, Massachusetts 02446
(617) 566-6660

Published by: Kyle Cathie Limited
Edition: Paperback (ISBN #9781904920571)

"Maya Angelou wrote a cookbook! And is a great believer in breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast, apparently. Hearts."
Published by: Random House
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9781400068449)

"It is no secret that I am terrified my future offspring might turn out to be picky eaters. You could probably sell me a bridge in Brooklyn to alleviate this fear ..."
Published by: Lyons Press
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780762760954)

"I saw this at The Book Larder in Seattle and am regretting not picking it up for the plane ride back home. Now on wishlist."
Published by: Knopf
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780307593450)

"A breathtaking novel, rare and moving, about the world's greatest chef and his unruly heart. (Oh, Escoffier.)"
Published by: W. W. Norton & Company
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780393079999)

"Second in a series - what would various chefs eat for their last supper?"
Published by: Rodale Books
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9781605290768)

"The first "last supper" book of chefs."
Published by: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9781596912878)

"This riveting correspondence, in print for the first time, chronicles the blossoming of a unique and lifelong friendship between the two women and the turbulent process of Julia’s creation of Mastering the Art of French Cooking."
Published by: Houghton Mifflin
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780547417714)

"Potato Cakes with Chard and Taleggio, a Tart of Asparagus and Tarragon, and Grilled Lamb with Eggplant and Za’atar."
39) Tender
Published by: Ten Speed Press
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9781607740377)

""from toasting dried pasta to lend a deeper, richer taste to a simple weeknight dinner to making quick “micro stocks” or even using water to intensify the flavor of soups instead of turning to long-simmered stocks." I didn't know they met at Clio!"
Published by: Clarkson Potter Publishers
Edition: Hardcover (ISBN #9780307717405)

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