IndieBound Book Wish Lists

IndieBound Book Lists

Creating a Book List

To make a Book List, you’ll need to be logged in to the Indie community. (If you aren’t yet a member, you can sign up here!)

To add books to your list, use the search field provided to find the books you want. To add a book, just click the “Add to this Book List” button.

To the right of the search block is a list of the books currently on your list. Use the blue arrows to move each book up and down in the list. Click the "note" icon to add a note to a book.

You can also use the "move" button (next to the note button) to move each book to another list. Click "Save and Continue" at the top to finish.

To the right of your new Book List is a list of all your favorite indie bookstores, pulled from your community profile. (To find and add more stores to your profile, search the Indie Bookstore Finder map!)

Want to go back to the list builder? Just click the "Add Books/Edit List" link.

If you want to send the list to a friend or family member, just click Mail list and send it off!