Simeon's Gift [With CD (Audio)] (Hardcover)

By Julie Andrews Edwards, Emma Walton Hamilton, Gennady Andrews Spirin

HarperCollins Publishers, 9780060089146, 1pp.

Publication Date: September 30, 2003



CD included with a reading by Julie Andrews Edwards

In a faraway time and place, a humble musician named Simeon sets out on a quest. Thirsting for knowledge and eager to improve his craft, he risks losing all that is important to him, including the love of his beautiful Sorrel.

The journey brings many discoveries, and though he tries hard to absorb the vast new tapestry of sounds and ideas before him, the scope of choices eventually becomes overwhelming.

Dispirited, he turns for home -- and alone in the grace of nature, he experiences a series of wondrous events that lead him to the discovery of his own true self, and the glorious gift he has to offer.

Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton -- with stunning illustrations from Gennady Spirin -- weave a magical tale with a timeless lesson about beauty, music, and the power of giving.

Praise For Simeon's Gift [With CD (Audio)]

“The illustrator’s ornate, gorgeous watercolors add substance to a pursposeful tale.”
-School Library Journal