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Every Mistake in the Book

A Business How-NOT-To

F J. Lennon


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Why suffer from your own business mistakes? Here's a lifesaving guide from a man who's made them all.

The world of business is like the world's worst minefield: one wrong step in any direction and you're history. It's a lesson F. J. Lennon has learned over and over again, as his entrepreneurial career careened from snafu to snafu. But Lennon was different: from the beginning he kept a journal of the screwups, big and small, he watched himself and others make. And by monitoring his own learning curve he helped turn himself -- finally -- into a successful businessman.

Every Mistake in the Book collects all the best lessons Lennon learned from his mistakes, pulling them together in a pithy, witty, and universally useful format. Whether you're a business owner, a manager, or a freshly minted graduate, Lennon's no-nonsense advice will enlighten you:

Biz Basics: If you're contemplating a startup, here are essential lessons you won't learn in a classroom or read in a textbook.

Money Matters: From venture capital to corporate debt, know the financial fundamentals or pay the price.

How to Manage Managing: All managers are card-carrying members of the baby-sitters club. Learn what you should -- and definitely shouldn't -- do to the poor saps who call you boss.

In the Trenches: Not everyone plays nice and you can't, either. Down-and-dirty advice for when the going gets tough.

Let's Get Personal: Yes, it does matter how you act, speak, write, and dress. Here's how to get that little bit of polish -- or at least not alienate everyone around you.

Often hysterical, always practical, this straight-from-the-hip handbook will educate and encourage everyone from the dot-com greenhorn to the established business professional.

Praise For Every Mistake in the Book: A Business How-NOT-To

“The freshest business book I’ve seen this year.”
Dallas Morning News

Harper Business, 9780060393939, 208pp.

Publication Date: June 26, 2001

About the Author

F.J. Lennon has been in the interactive entertainment industry since 1985. He is now an interactive producer, designer, and writer based in Los Angeles.