About My Sisters (Hardcover)

By Debra Ginsberg

HarperCollins, 9780060522025, 320pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2004



Sisters -- the ultimate girlfriends.

They are supporters and critics, keepers of secrets and childhood memories, and constant mirrors of each other's womanhood. In About My Sisters, Debra Ginsberg examines the mysterious, fascinating relationship between sisters as seen through the special bond she shares with her own three sisters, Maya, Lavander, and Deja.

As their nomadic parents traversed the world in search of the perfect place to settle, Debra and her sisters formed deep and unbreakable ties that last to this day. Separated by fifteen years from first to last, Debra and her sisters came of age in different generations, each one learning from and teaching the others as they grew to be women. The shared experience of being part of an unusual, eclectic, but fiercely loving family connected them even more.

About My Sisters examines these bonds through the prism of the events and passages over the course of one year. As the sisters celebrate birthdays, juggle boyfriends and careers, and gather for the holidays, they reveal their history, the depth of their relationship, and the roles of sisters everywhere as daughters, girlfriends, mothers, and aunts.

Now in their twenties, thirties, and forties, the four sisters (as well as their parents and brother) still live within ten miles of one another and share meals, holidays, struggles, and joys on a regular basis. This is a heartfelt, funny, and touching look at a family that's much like the one we all wish we had.

Praise For About My Sisters

“A big-hearted look at the ties that bind and the bonds that break and mend again.”

“A rich celebration of life ...Loving and candid, as the best family stories are.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“With eloquence, deep feeling and altruism, Ginsberg depicts the life of her family ...as entertaining as a novel.”
-Publishers Weekly