You, Maybe: The Profound Asymmetry of Love in High School (Paperback)

The Profound Asymmetry of Love in High School

By Rachel Vail

Harper Teen, 9780060569198, 199pp.

Publication Date: June 26, 2007



Josie is independent and fierce. She may flirt with boys or kiss them, but it doesn't mean anything, not even with Michael, who's more like a friend-with-benefits. So how can she explain what happens when Carson Gold goes after her? Carson Gold, the hottest senior, the one everyone secretly watches. . . .

Maybe it's the same thing that causes all the girls to stare as he walks by. Or maybe it's something between them, something just he and Josie share.

Could you resist?

It's too much, when love finds you and pulls you under. It's too much, even for Josie.