Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland's Glory (Hardcover)

How England Plundered Holland's Glory

By Lisa Jardine

HarperTorch, 9780060774080, 406pp.

Publication Date: September 2, 2008



In Going Dutch, renowned writer Lisa Jardine tells the remarkable history of the relationship between England and Holland, two of Europe's most important colonial powers at the dawn of the modern age. Jardine, the author of The Awful End of Prince William the Silent, demonstrates that England's rise did not come at the expense of the Dutch as is commonly thought, but was actually a "handing on" of the baton of cultural and intellectual supremacy to a nation expanding in international power and influence.

Praise For Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland's Glory

“A thoroughly researched and provocative revisionist study.”
-Wall Street Journal

“Going Dutch is elegant and thought-provoking. . . . Jardine evokes a dialogue of civilizations.”
-Associated Press

“She explores the fascinating Anglo-Dutch relationship to answer how and why two sworn foes became friends so seamlessly. . . . A highly original work that will appeal to fans of Simon Schama’s The Embarrassment of Riches.”
-Publishers Weekly

“Jardine meticulously studies the exchange of ideas between England and Holland...she leaves no stone unturned...Absorbing, enjoyable reading.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“Jardine understands and appreciates her sources, and she writes exceptionally lively history. A pleasure to read, this book is enthusiastically recommended...”
-Library Journal