The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, Book 3 (Paperback)

The Great Powers Outage

By William Boniface, Stephen Gilpin (Illustrator)

HarperCollins, 9780060774721, 352pp.

Publication Date: January 19, 2010

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Hardcover (11/25/2008)
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Something strange is happening in superopolis!

The entire population has turned its back on its favorite potato chips of all time—just because someone named Comrade Crunch told them to. How is he getting the supercitizensto follow his every command?

To make matters worse, the superheroes of Superopolis are losing their superpowers. Without their special gifts, they're just . . . ordinary! Something must be done, and in a city where everyone is—well, was—extraordinary, this might just be a job for . . . ordinary boy!

About the Author

William Boniface may or may not exist. Ordinary Boy, after all, tells his own story. Mr. Boniface could simply be a creation of the publisher in order to fulfill the requirement that an author be listed on the cover of this book. Given that possibility, there is no harm in revealing that Mr. Boniface has lent his name to over two dozen far less wordy children's books that were also in need of an author. Unless, of course, he didn't, which would make this entire biography irrelevant.

Stephen Gilpin is the award-winning illustrator of dozens of children's books and has worked for tons of awesome clients. He lives and works with his wife, Angie, in Hiawatha, Kansas.