The Eunuch's Heir (Paperback)

By Elaine Isaak

Eos, 9780060782559, 432pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2006



Wild prince of the realm Wolfram duRhys spends his days carousing and wenching--anything to avoid the legacy of his revered father, Kattanan duRhys, who saved the kingdom and created a legend impossible to match. But when his carefree existence is shattered by an assassination attempt, he discovers that he's been living a lie and a dark destiny awaits.

Fleeing to a distant land of magic and mystery, he finds the love of a cloistered virgin, the ire of a priestess with a plan for bloody revenge, and a cult that would claim all those he holds dear. But a much darker threat looms that will either save his land or leave it in utter ruin.

Sweeping magical adventure, political intrigue, and romance unite in this stunning follow-up to "The Singer's Crown,"