Paradise Alley (Paperback)

By Kevin Baker

Harper Perennial, 9780060875954, 676pp.

Publication Date: January 3, 2006



They came by boat from a starving land--and by the Underground Railroad from Southern chains--seeking refuge in a crowded, filthy corner of hell at the bottom of a great metropolis. But in the terrible July of 1863, the poor and desperate of Paradise Alley would face a new catastrophe--as flames from the war that was tearing America in two reached out to set their city on fire.

Praise For Paradise Alley

“Rich in color and drama.... Extraordinary.... A triumph.”
-New York Times

-San Diego Union-Tribune

“An engrossing epic”
-Entertainment Weekly

“A page-turning epic.”
-New York Post

“Deftly plotted, fabulously detailed, and never less than absorbing.”
-Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“Extraordinary....Baker achieves a hallucinatory realism packed with sensory detail, demonstrating why historical fiction is able to trump conventional historiography.”
-Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Extraordinary....Baker achieves a hallucinatory realism packed with sensory detail.”
-Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Paradise Alley probes the primal mysteries of and war with skill, drama and deep humanity.”
-Edmonton Journal

“Skillfully illuminates a little-known episode in this country’s history.”
-Library Journal

“[A] richly detailed, impeccably researched drama.”

“[A] huge success....fascinating, instructive, never pedantic.”
-Houston Chronicle

“Paradise Alley is a skillful historical reconstruction -- an exploration of love and loyalty.”
-Hartford Courant

“Inspired.... vividly entertaining, and its themes are as timely as any drawn from this morning’s newspaper. ”
-Baltimore Sun

“A rare and special work.”
-Denver Post

“[An] extraordinary talent....Kevin Baker is quickly altering the landscape of American historical fiction.”
-Christian Science Monitor