1492: The Year the World Began (Paperback)

The Year the World Began

By Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

HarperOne, 9780061132285, 346pp.

Publication Date: November 2, 2010



1492: Not Simply the YearColumbus Sailed the Ocean Blue . . .

In this extraordinary, sweeping history, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto traces key elements of the modern worldback to that single fateful year when everything changed.

Praise For 1492: The Year the World Began

“In this admirable history, Fernández-Armesto has written a book of travels not unlike those of Marco Polo, filled with marvels and sensations, rich in description and replete with anecdote. 1492 is a compendium of delights.”
-The Times (London)

In his stimulating new book, Fernandez-Armesto offers a model of how to write popular history: accessible, provocative and full of telling detail. (4 stars)
-Mail on Sunday (London)

“Fernandez-Armesto’s narrative fluidity, not to mention an ability to turn a phrase, converts facts into context in an attractively readable manner.... Surveying the planet entire in 1492, Fernández-Armesto brilliantly sweeps a startling breadth of history into his unified narrative.”

“Fernández-Armesto challenges some long-standing historical thinking…. The compiled information adds immensely to the understanding of world that ended and began in 1492…. 1492 changes our view of history.”
-San Antonio Express-News