The Worst Call Ever! (Paperback)

By Kyle Garlett, Patrick O'Neal

Harper Perennial, 9780061251375, 256pp.

Publication Date: May 13, 2008



In any sport, whenever an official takes the field, court, ice, ring, or pitch, they do so with a bright red bull's-eye on their backs. For even with their great accuracy and passion for the game, they do make errors--occasionally, great big fat ones--that change the tide of sports history.

In The Worst Call Ever, keepers of truth and enlightenment, sportswriters Kyle Garlett and Patrick O'Neal, expose the most injurious mistakes and desecrations, document their lasting damage--which to some wronged parties has evolved into a condition akin to post-traumatic stress disorder--and hopefully become the soothing balm of reconciliation.

Each piece details the play in question and examines the players and stakes involved, the scope of the injustice, and the path of change that was often its result. Garlett and O'Neal cover mishaps in all sports, from the four Major Leagues to golf and auto racing to even curling, in this fascinating look at the worst calls in sports history.

Praise For The Worst Call Ever!

‘’We’ve all made bad decisions in games. . . . I hope their next book isn’t focused on coaches!’’
-Wayne Gretzky