Overdosed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine (Paperback)

The Broken Promise of American Medicine

By John Abramson

Harper Perennial, 9780061344763, 334pp.

Publication Date: January 29, 2008



Using the examples of Vioxx, Celebrex, cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, and anti-depressants, Overdosed America shows that at the heart of the current crisis in American medicine lies the commercialization of medical knowledge itself.

Drawing on his background in statistics, epidemiology, and health policy, John Abramson, M.D., reveals the ways in which the drug companies have misrepresented statistical evidence, misled doctors, and compromised our health. The good news is that the best scientific evidence shows that reclaiming responsibility for your own health is often far more effective than taking the latest blockbuster drug.

You--and your doctor--will be stunned by this unflinching expose of American medicine.

Praise For Overdosed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine

-Washington Post Book World

“A powerful and coherent case that American medicine has gone badly astray.”
-Publishers Weekly

“Abramson’s book will have you rethinking your relationship with your doctor and your health.”
-The Oregonian (Portland)

“Before you see a doctor, you should read this book.”
-Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation

“A clear and concise explanation of how American medicine has gone astray...a must read for both patients and doctors.”
-Herbert Benson, MD, author of The Relaxation Response and The Breakout Principle

“Fulfills the criteria for high quality in health services: the right diagnosis and the right prescription at the right time.”
-Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH, University Distinguished Professor, Johns Hopkins University & Medical Institutions

“Acompelling and well-documented analysis... a book every American should read.”
-Elliott Fisher, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School

“Essential for all those who want to intelligently reclaim responsibility for their own health.”
-Cheryl Richardson, author of Take Time for Your Life, Life Makeovers and Stand Up for Your Life