The Field (Paperback)

The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

By Lynne McTaggart

Harper Perennial, 9780061435188, 268pp.

Publication Date: January 2, 2008



In this groundbreaking classic, investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart reveals a radical new paradigm--that the human mind and body are not separate from their environment but a packet of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea, and that consciousness may be central in shaping our world. The Field is a highly readable scientific detective story presenting a stunning picture of an interconnected universe and a new scientific theory that makes sense of supernatural phenomena. Documented by distinguished sources, The Field is a book of hope and inspiration for today's world.

Praise For The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe

“This is both a primer to understand the law of attraction and the essential book of our age.”
-Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles(TM) and featured teacher on The Secret(TM)

“One of the most powerful and enlightening books I have ever read.”
-Wayne W. Dyer

“This is an important book. . .It stretches the imagination.”
-Arthur C. Clarke

“A fascinating and excellent presentation about the true nature of life that we need to be aware of and accept.”
-Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and Prescriptions For Living

“This book liberates consciousness and restores it to its majestic and rightful position as a causal power in the universe.”
---Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Words, Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Beyond the Body

“The vast scope of this book lifts the veil on the state of being that is our birthright.”

“Fascinating, provocative and highly readable . . . One of the most thought-provoking reads of [the year.]”
-The Ecologist