Green Porno: A Book and Short Films by Isabella Rossellini (Paperback)

A Book and Short Films by Isabella Rossellini

By Isabella Rossellini

Harperstudio, 9780061791062, 176pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2009



"I was always fascinated by the infinite' strange and ′scandalous′ ways that insects copulate."

- Isabella Rossellini

When Isabella Rossellini and The Sundance Channel set out to make a series of short films for the internet about the sex lives of animals' they had no idea what was in store.

GREEN PORNO' the colorful' indescribable' wonderfully odd shorts became a sensation on the internet' receiving over 1.3 million views and major national publicity including CNN' David Letterman' The New York Times Magazine' Wired and the Wall Street Journal. The overwhelming success of the shorts led Sundance to commission a second GREEN PORNO series which is to focus on marine animals: shrimp' squid seals etc. (The first series focused primarily on insects)

Co-director Jody Shapiro has taken 125 arresting film stills of Isabella dressed in animal costumes which are the centerpiece of the book' along with narrative text describing the "love making" process of each animal. Each chapter will also include a quirky' freakonomics style one-sheet that includes surprising facts about each species. GREEN PORNO also includes a DVD of both GREEN PORNO series which are not available for sale elsewhere.

Provocative' hilarious' and truly one of a kind' GREEN PORNO is a great gift--for readers of Michael Pollan and fans of independent film alike. Isabella has committed to promoting the book at the time of publication.


"Shocking' whimsical' entertaining"-Shine

" Rossellini] plays the male of each species in splendidly kitschy home-made costumes' while explaining the procedures in a humorous running commentary"- Telegraph

"Bright colors' goofy leotard-based costumes' undulating foam rubber-it′s hot stuff."-Playboy

"Magical" - The Flog

"Rossellini′s subjects carry the weight of a fierce' natural morality."- Border Crossings

"A funny and insightful study of the curious ways various bugs "make love." - Hot Docs 2008

"Rossellini has really done the unexpected"- The Auteurs