The Whoopie Pie War (Hardcover)

By Emily Jenkins, Harry Bliss (Illustrator)

Balzer & Bray/Harperteen, 9780061802263, 153pp.

Publication Date: July 23, 2013



The adventures of Brooklyn boy Hank Wolowitz and his invisible--but not imaginary--friend continue with The Whoopie Pie War, the third book in the Invisible Inkling series by Emily Jenkins.

A truck selling ice-cream whoopie pies sets up right in front of the ice-cream shop belonging to Hank's family, and it's taking away all the shop's business. His dad is going crazy. His mom is furious.

Hank and Inkling, his invisible bandapat, aren't going to take it. The Whoopie Pie War is on They'll do whatever it takes to beat the whoopie pie truck--unicorn costumes, extreme kindness, an army of supervillains.

The illustrated chapter book's mix of silliness, fantasy, strong sense of place, and a realistic family make it a great pick for middle-grade readers.

Praise For The Whoopie Pie War

Praise for Dangerous Pumpkins:“Gentle humor and a realistic urban setting add interest to this solid middle-grade read. Appealing any time of the year.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“Jenkins’s chapter book fantasy, with its strong sense of place and realistic family dynamic, will have new readers wishing for an invisible pal of their own. Bliss’s droll illustrations allow readers to see Inkling in all his furry glory, even when the characters in the book do not.”
-The Horn Book

Praise for Invisible Inkling: “Gently humorous and nicely realistic (with the obvious exception of the invisible Peruvian bandapat). Anyone who who has ever had an imaginary friend will appreciate sassy Inkling (who’s invisible—not imaginary).”
-Kirkus Reviews

“A perfect choice for an early school year read-aloud: straightforward, zippy plot, likable characters, and believable family. And its last line is exactly what second and third graders love to read: ‘Anything could happen next.’”
-The Horn Book

“A mix of wild humor, fantasy, and sadness, this series starter offers a moving story about defeating bullies. The story will grab readers with its comedy and captivating sidekick.”

“Thoughtfully grounded, gently kooky chapter book. Jenkins colors her mostly realistic tale with enough bits of mystery and silliness to hold readers’ attention.”
-Publishers Weekly

“Invisible Inkling is charming, fresh, and funny. Now I want an invisible friend of my own!”
-Sara Pennypacker, author of the New York Times bestselling Clementine series