Bumper Sticker Liberalism: Peeling Back the Idiocies of the Political Left (Paperback)

Peeling Back the Idiocies of the Political Left

By Mark Goldblatt

Broadside Books, 9780062135117, 208pp.

Publication Date: July 1, 2012



In this hilarious, sharp, smart, and savagely on-target analysis of the standard Liberal bromides, political commentator Mark Goldblatt argues that the righteous stands of the modern American Left are nothing more than bumper sticker sayings: catchy phrases with nothing of substance underneath. In Bumper Sticker Liberalism, Goldblatt peels back the idiocies of the political Left--be they global warming deceptions, government controlled health care demands, or irrational pleas for peace--to reveal the emptiness of these ideas. Wonderfully biting, aggressively entertaining, Goldblatt's Bumper Sticker Liberalism is funny and insulting...in just the Right way.