The Sprog Owner's Manual (Paperback)

By Babette Cole

Red Fox, 9780099447658, 32pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2005



From acquisition to waste management, fuel to fittings, this book contains everything you need to know about sprogs (okay, kids) and, most importantly, how to tell the difference between a good sprog (kind to animals, nice smell of soap) and a bad sprog (sticky hair, smelly feet, animals are frightened). Lively, fun, and irreverent, Babette Cole's books for children offer a hilariously fresh look at the ludicrous side of life. Winner of the prestigious Kurt Maschler Award, Cole is the author of such favorites as "The Bad Good Book of Manners," "Dr. Dog, The Hairy Book, Princess Smartypants, " "The Slimy Book, " and the Trouble With . . . books.

About the Author

Babette Cole is filled with zest for life: she lives in Lincolnshire but travels extensively, to exotic parts of the world but also round the UK, visiting schools and meeting children. She is a great animal lover and keeps chickens, sheep, horses, dogs, and cats, which all find their way into her books.

Praise For The Sprog Owner's Manual

“Wickedly funny, Babette Cole is the sort of adult sometimes more popular with children than with parents, who might be embarrassed at her total lack of shame.”

Babette Cole “produces zany, comical images of exuberant and eccentric characters that break down taboos.”
The Times