Theatre of the Gods (Paperback)

By Matt Suddain, M. Suddain

Random House UK, 9780099575641, 640pp.

Publication Date: September 15, 2015



Steampunk space opera? Damn right.
This is the story of M. Francisco Fabrigas, explorer, philosopher, and heretical physicist, who took a shipful of children on a frightening voyage to the next dimension, assisted by a teenaged Captain, a brave deaf boy, a cunning blind girl, and a sultry botanist, all the while pursued by the Pope of the universe and a well-dressed mesmerist. Dark plots, demonic cults, murderous jungles, quantum mayhem, the birth of creation, the death of time, and a creature called the Sweety: all this and more waits beyond the veil of reality. Tolkien and Verne meet Douglas Adams and Pratchett, care of "Gulliver's Travels.

About the Author

M. Suddain is an author, journalist, dramatist, publisher, minimalist composer, digital socialite, liar, and the founding editor of Blacklist Publishing Co. Ltd. a small firm dedicated to the preservation of lost or forbidden works of art and literature, most notably the once-famous travelogue series "Worlds' Fair.""