The Last Jew Standing (Paperback)

By Michael Simon

Penguin Books, 9780143114314, 289pp.

Publication Date: November 25, 2008



Detective Dan Reles gets caught between his father and a gangster with a passion for other people's pain
Lieutenant Dan Reles has a new house, a beautiful wife, a son, and a great career as head of Austin Homicide. But when his ex-con father?a Mafia leg-breaker?shows up after twenty years on the lam, Dan learns that the sins of the father are, true to form, visited upon the son.
Dan's father has crossed Sam Z elig?the last of the Jewish crime bosses. Z elig is intent on extracting his pound of flesh. But when he can't get what he wants the easy way, he takes the city itself hostage, forcing Dan to choose between the town he's sworn to protect, his new family, and his father.

About the Author

Michael Simon, a former Texas corrections officer, actor, and playwright, has taught at Brooklyn College and New York University. His other books include Dirty Sally andBody Scissors.