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Cover for 50 Impressive Kids and Their Amazing (and True!) Stories (They Did What?)

50 Impressive Kids and Their Amazing (and True!) Stories (They Did What?)

Saundra Mitchell


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From Stevie Wonder to Emma Watson, and Pocahontas to Pablo Picasso , 50 amazing kids who shaped history!

A collection of biographies profiling some of the most influential kids in history and today. Prodigies, proteges, and kids with huge ambition, these youngsters prove that fulfilling your dreams and making a difference in the world isn't just for grown-ups. Some of the most phenomenal musicians, inventors, athletes, authors, actors, and even world leaders achieved greatness during their childhood years, beating the odds and making their mark on history. With loads of facts and trivia, activities, jokes, and a complete glossary, discover fifty of the most inspiring, impressive, incredible kids!

Praise For 50 Impressive Kids and Their Amazing (and True!) Stories (They Did What?)

Praise for They Did What? 50 Impressive Kids and Their Amazing (and True!) Stories

"Why should grown-ups get all the historical, scientific, athletic, cinematic, and artistic glory? Choosing exemplars from both past and present, Mitchell includes but goes well beyond Alexander the Great, Anne Frank, and like usual suspects to introduce a host of lesser-known luminaries . . . for readers whose fires need lighting, there’s motivational kindling on nearly every page. A breezy, bustling bucketful of courageous acts and eye-popping feats."--Kirkus Reviews

"This impressively broad and engaging collection of brief biographies ranges thousands of years of human history, around the world, and across a variety of disciplines that include intellectual and athletic achievements . . . Accompanied by Petrus’ appealing sketched portraits, the profiles of the individuals featured contain enough background information—family, social class, disability, or extraordinary talent, for instance—to make the achievements sensible as well as relevant to contemporary readers."--Booklist  

Viking Books for Young Readers, 9780147518132, 320pp.

Publication Date: March 29, 2016

About the Author

Saundra Mitchell is absolutely, completely, totally crazy about history. If you come to her hometown of Indianapolis, she'll show you the streets named after 19th century trolley stops, where Civil War prisoners were kept, and where the first European cemetery in town used to be. (That's right, they moved it! How creepy is that?) When she's not geeking out about history, she's writing novels for young adults, flipping out about pop culture with her best friend, and seriously embarrassing her kids. Find out more about her at and follow her on Twitter @SaundraMitchell.