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Why Lincoln Matters

Today More Than Ever

Mario M. Cuomo


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Abraham Lincoln, long the most resonant voice of American political values, was a founding member of the Republican Party. In today's charged political climate, he would be hard-pressed to recognize the issues in the contemporary GOP, argues Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York and a gifted political philosopher.

Challenged by slavery, secession, and war, Lincoln was able to forcefully articulate the values and ideals that have sustained our country since its inception. His speeches, writings, and actions melded the Constitution, the Bible, and his own experience into an American scripture that inspires faith in the future

Mario Cuomo shows how the big issues - equality, the role of government, war and peace, the responsibilities of the fortunate few - resonate in today's political climate as he brings to life the contemporary relevance of Lincoln's message for today's hot-button issues. Today's political discourse often lacks depth and wisdom, but Mario Cuomo's analysis of Abraham Lincoln will inspire readers to believe that government can still be a force for greater good in American society.

Praise For Why Lincoln Matters: Today More Than Ever


"Cuomo's book is a reminder that there are leaders of strength, wisdom, and compassion."--Chicago Sun-Times

"A brilliant and nuanced tour de force."

"A thoughtful and challenging meditation on what Lincoln''s wisdom tells us we Americans should be doing today and tomorrow."

"This is a stand-up book written by one of America''s great leaders."

"Cuomo, one of the most eloquent statesmen of our time, gives Abraham Lincoln renewed eloquence and meaning for our time." <br>

"All Americans who intend to vote in the November election should read Why Lincoln Matters."

"Cuomo draws a devastating comparison between Lincoln''s vision of the American democracy and that of the George W. Bush administration."

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 9780151009992, 192pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2004