The Hole in the Universe (Paperback)

How Scientists Peered Over the Edge of Emptiness and Found Everything (Harvest Book)

By K. C. Cole

Harvest Books, 9780156013178, 288pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2001

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An adventure into the heart of Nothing by bestselling author K. C. Cole.
Once again, acclaimed science writer K. C. Cole brings the arcane and acad-
emic down to the level of armchair scientists in The Hole in the Universe,
an entertaining and edifying search for nothing at all. Open the newspaper
on any given day and you will read of a newly discovered planet, star, and
so on. Yet scientists and mathematicians have spent generations searching
the far reaches of the universe for that one elusive state-nothingness.
Although this may sound like a simple task, every time the absolute void
appears within reach, something new is discovered in its place: a black hole,
an undulating string, an additional dimension of space or time-even another universe. A fascinating and literary tour de force, The Hole in the Universe is a virtual romp into the unknown that you never knew wasn't there.

About the Author

K. C. Cole is a science columnist for the Los Angeles Times and teaches at UCLA. The award-winning author of the international bestselling The Universe and the Teacup and First You Build a Cloud, she lives in Santa Monica, California.

Praise For The Hole in the Universe: How Scientists Peered Over the Edge of Emptiness and Found Everything (Harvest Book)

As clear and accessible as Hawking's A Brief History of Time, this work deserves wide circulation, not just among science buffs."
-Publishers Weekly (starred review)
Cole has plenty of experience making the most abstruse theories intelligible to
the lay reader. . . . A clever and readable investigation."-New York Post