Be Mine (Paperback)

By Laura Kasischke

Harvest Books, 9780156033831, 302pp.

Publication Date: December 1, 2007



On Valentine's Day, Sherry finds an anonymous note in her mailbox: be mine. As the notes continue, Sherry becomes more and more charged by the idea that she can inspire such feelings. Her twenty-year marriage is routine and she feels old, aimless, and empty now that her son is in college. When she discovers who her admirer is, she begins a wildly passionate affair with him. But her son's childhood friend is witness to the affair, her best friend is strangely silent, and her husband is playing a disturbing game of titillation and encouragement. Soon events spiral out of Sherry's control, threatening not only her marriage but also her son and her home. This deeply erotic thriller explores how little we know ourselves and those we live with and what we risk when we step away from our social personas and allow passion to control our lives.

Praise For Be Mine

PRAISE FOR LAURA KASISCHKE "We are both shocked and transported by the author’s potent and poetic storytelling."--Elle

"[Kasischke] takes on deep matters of life and death; conscience and consciousness; family, love and friendship."--Los Angeles Times