The American Disease: Origins of Narcotic Control (Paperback)

Origins of Narcotic Control

By David F. Musto

Oxford University Press, USA, 9780195125092, 432pp.

Publication Date: April 22, 1999



The American Disease is a classic study of the development of drug law's in the U.S. Supporting the theory that Americans' attitudes toward d rugs have followed a cyclic pattern of tolerance and restraint, author David Musto examines the relations between public outcry and the crea tion of prohibitive drug laws from the end of the Civil War to the pre sent day. Originally published in 1973, with an expanded edition in 19 87, this third edition contains a new chapter and preface that cover t he renewed debate on policy and drug legislation from the end of the R eagan administration to the present Clinton administration.

About the Author

David F. Musto, M.D., a well-known authority on drug abuse, is Professor of Child Psychiatry and the History of Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine.