Objectivity (Very Short Introductions #316) (Paperback)

By Stephen Gaukroger

Oxford University Press, USA, 9780199606696, 112pp.

Publication Date: May 23, 2012

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Is objectivity possible? Can there be objectivity in matters of morals? What would a truly objective account of the world be like? Is everything subjective, or relative? Are moral judgments objective or culturally relative? This Very Short Introduction demonstrates that there are a number of common misunderstandings about what objectivity is, and explores the theoretical and practical problems of objectivity by assessing the basic questions raised by it. In addition to considering the core philosophical issues, Stephen Gaukroger also deals with the way in which particular understandings of objectivity impinge on social research, science, and art, and he concludes by considering the question, "Are we obliged to be objective?"

About the Author

Stephen Gaukroger is Professor of History of Philosophy and History of Science in the Philosophy Department at the University of Sydney.