What Government Can Do: Dealing with Poverty and Inequality (Hardcover)

Dealing with Poverty and Inequality

By Benjamin I. Page, James R. Simmons

University of Chicago Press, 9780226644813, 409pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2000



It is often said that the federal government cannot or should not attempt to address America's problems of poverty and inequality because its bureaucracy is wasteful or its programs ineffective. But is this true? In this book, Benjamin I. Page and James R. Simmons examine a number of federal and local programs, detailing what government action already does for its citizens and assessing how efficient it is at solving the problems it seeks to address. Their conclusion, surprisingly, is the polar opposite of the prevailing rhetoric "What Government Can Do" is an insightful and compelling argument that it both can and should do more.

About the Author

Benjamin I. Page is the Gordon Scott Fulcher Professor of Decision Making in the Department of Political Science at Northwestern University. He is author or coauthor of seven books, including "Who Gets What from Government," "The Rational Public," and "Who Deliberates?," the latter two published by the University of Chicago Press.

James R. Simmons is a professor in and chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. He also directs the Public Administration Program there and has written extensively on public policy issues.