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Cover for Flidais Destah

Flidais Destah

Where the Fairies Live

Sonia Salinas


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Hardcover (12/19/2018)


There are parallel realities within the earth dimension, how and why is it possible we are more receptive to our psychic abilities than ever before? We all are part of the ascension process of Gaia.

As we raise our vibration, we allocate our collective consciousness within the frequency that vibrates the same higher frequency of consciousness that a person embodies.

What happened when an earthling, named Nila Njord crosses the veil of a parallel reality called "Flidais Destah" within the earth's third dimension, in the spirit of self-discovery, delightful involvement, as the magical lore begins?

Innate, within our DNA, are the abilities within each one of us; this process of awakening will assist humanity to walk the dimensional bridge to move into a collectively ascended planet. What would happen when Nila's DNA, calibrates her spiritual evolution? In higher vibrational dimensions the communication occurs not with the emotional but with the vibrational frequency of the heart.

An adventurous, even dangerous realm, an enchanted place where we all dream to be part of it. Nila finds herself in a mystical and parallel reality, where the unexpected has yet to come. Would Nila be trapped in this everlasting dimension?

Tellwell Talent, 9780228805946, 274pp.

Publication Date: December 19, 2018