From Liberal to Revolutionary Oaxaca: The View from the South, Mexico 1867-1911 (Paperback)

The View from the South, Mexico 1867-1911

By Francie R. Chassen-Lopez

Penn State University Press, 9780271025124, 624pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2005



From Liberal to Revolutionary Oaxaca aims at finally setting Mexican history free of stereotypes about the southern state of Oaxaca, long portrayed as a traditional and backward society resistant to the forces of modernization and marginal to the Revolution. Chassen-Lopez challenges this view of Oaxaca as a negative mirror image of modern Mexico, presenting in its place a much more complex reality. Her analysis of the confrontations between Mexican liberals' modernizing projects and Oaxacan society, especially indigenous communal villages, reveals not only conflicts but also growing linkages and dependencies. She portrays them as engaging with and transforming each other in an ongoing process of contestation, negotiation, and compromise.

About the Author

Francie R. Chassen-Lopez is Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences at the University of Kentucky, where she has also served as Director of the Latin American Studies Program."