The Last of the Celts (Hardcover)

By M. Tanner

Yale University Press, 9780300104646, 398pp.

Publication Date: December 31, 2004



What has become of the Celtic peoples whose culture once spanned Europe from the Atlantic to the Black Sea? does the current faddish interest in Celtic nationalism, music and arts signal the beginning of a revival for Celtic communities or is it the last flicker of a dying culture? Award-winning author Marcus Tanner has journeyed throughout the Celtic world- from the wilds of northwest Scotland to the Isle of Man, from Brittany to Patagonia, and from Boston to Cape Breton-seeking to discover the Celtic past and what remains of authentic Celtic culture today.

Weaving together extensive historical research with first-hand observations of Celtic people in far-flung communities, Tanner finds that talk of a Celtic revival is largely misplaced. He describes the fading prospects of those who have maintained a Celtic identity in the face of powerful pressures to assimilate. Despite great public interest in all things Celtic', the threats to the world's remaining Celtic communities, their language and their culture, are relentless. A distinct Celtic identity may not survive, Tanner fears, and such a loss would impoverish us all.

About the Author

Marcus Tanner is a freelance writer and journalist.