Wild China (Paperback)

Natural Wonders of the World's Most Enigmatic Land

By Phil Chapman, George Chan, Gavin Maxwell, Charlotte Scott, Kathryn Jeffs, Giles Badger, Hannah Boot

Yale University Press, 9780300141658, 224pp.

Publication Date: May 27, 2008

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A magnificently photographed natural history tour of China, from the frozen tundra of Siberia to the crowded streets of Beijing

Within the vast borders of China, a dazzling array of ecosystems and habitats are found—wildlife habitats so diverse as to nearly stagger the imagination. From the world’s loftiest mountain peaks to grass steppes that stretch beyond the horizon, from steaming jungles to wide deserts that fluctuate between searing heat and numbing cold, China’s landscapes inspire awe and curiosity.

Wild China leads the reader across China’s landscapes and through thousands of years of history. Organized geographically, the book starts with a description of the Chinese heartland, then ventures on to cover the Manchurian forests, deserts, and grasslands; the Tibetan Plateau; tropical and temperate forests; limestone hills and caves; and the crowded coasts. The impact of China’s 1.3 billion people on the nation’s landscapes is also explored. The book concludes with a gazetteer and travel tips.

About the Author

Phil Chapman and his coauthors developed and produced the book and television series Wild China. Chapman is a series producer; George Chan, Gavin Maxwell, Charlotte Scott, and Kathryn Jeffs are producers; and Giles Badger and Hannah Boot are assistant producers, all with the BBC Natural History Unit.

Praise For Wild China: Natural Wonders of the World's Most Enigmatic Land

“Names like Gobi Desert, Silk Road, Yangtze, the sucker frog, and even yatsa gunbu (winter worms) come alive in this enthralling book. With fabulous photographs, marvelous natural history text, and a continental approach, the book is a treasure.”—Margaret Lowman, author of Life in the Treetops, and co-author of It’s a Jungle Up There: More Tales from the Treetops

— Margaret Lowman

“In addition to the images of animals, plants, and humans as they occupy and interact with diverse landscapes, Wild China is replete with interesting and original commentary. There is hardly a page without something new and novel.”—Ronald Knapp, State University of New York, New Paltz

— Ronald Knapp

"An exquisite and intriguing look at a country that is ever so much more than the horrendous pollution and overcrowding of Beijing and other Chinese megacities. This is China as the country, its peoples, and its natural inhabitants were before industrialization."—Bruce Fellman, TimeOut

— Bruce Fellman

"By weaving hundreds of stunning photographs with concise interpretive text, this volume effectively illustrates the richness and diversity of China's natural heritage. . . . Highly recommended."—Choice

— Choice