The Day We Found the Universe (Paperback)

By Marcia Bartusiak

Vintage Books USA, 9780307276605, 337pp.

Publication Date: March 9, 2010



The riveting and mesmerizing story behind a watershed period in human history, the discovery of the startling size and true nature of our universe.

On New Years Day in 1925, a young Edwin Hubble released his finding that our Universe was far bigger, eventually measured as a thousand trillion times larger than previously believed. Hubble's proclamation sent shock waves through the scientific community. Six years later, in a series of meetings at Mount Wilson Observatory, Hubble and others convinced Albert Einstein that the Universe was not static but in fact expanding. Here Marcia Bartusiak reveals the key players, battles of will, clever insights, incredible technology, ground-breaking research, and wrong turns made by the early investigators of the heavens as they raced to uncover what many consider one of most significant discoveries in scientific history.

About the Author

Marcia Bartusiak is an award-winning author whose previous books include Through a Universe Darkly, Thursday's Universe, Einstein's Unfinished Symphony, and Archives of the Universe. Her work has appeared in such publications as National Geographic, Smithsonian, Discover, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. She teaches at MIT and lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Praise For The Day We Found the Universe

“With her trademark mix of meticulous research and vibrant prose, Bartusiak weaves these discoveries into a narrative equal to the excitement of that convulsive decade.” —Seed Magazine
"Bartusiak's intelligent and engaging book may well become the standard popular account."--Washington Post
"Fascinating." —The Boston Globe
"A science writer of rare gifts. . . . Bartusiak manages to convey the mind-bending complexity of the astronomers' task . . . while never losing sight of the human elements." —San Francisco Chronicle 

“Compelling. . . . Meticulously researched . . . highly readable.” --New Scientist
“Bartusiak chronicles the cosmic explorations that helped make [Edwin] Hubble a star. . . .  Her account is informative, dramatic, and accessible....She sings songs to unsung heroes.”--Tulsa World 
“Bartusiak lovingly and meticulously traces the origins and development of a big idea....Her enjoyable book is an exhaustively researched exploration of both major and minor players.” —New Haven Review
“Focuses on the dramatic insights, sidesteps and missed opportunities, persistence, pride and bits of luck that accompany the scientific process.” —Science News
“Peopled with a fascinating cast of characters . . . . The Day We Found the Universe is a scientific thriller that brings to life the many scientists who laid the foundation for Hubble's groundbreaking accomplishments. . . . A great read, for anyone who enjoys a compelling yarn.” —Montreal Gazette