Tooth and Claw: A Mystery (Hardcover)

A Mystery

By Nigel Mccrery

Pantheon, 9780307377029, 320pp.

Publication Date: February 23, 2010



Detective Chief Inspector Mark Lapslie and Sergeant Emma Bradbury are back in an electrifyingly suspenseful new novel, chasing down one of the most fearsome, brilliantly terrifying characters to ever stalk the pages of a book.
After a year of working at home in order to control his synaesthesia (the rare neurological condition that causes his brain to crosswire his senses), DCI Lapslie gets a visit from Emma Bradbury, summoning him back to active duty. A well-known television reporter has been brutally murdered and the top brass think Lapslie is the man to investigate the crime. With no witnesses and no suspects, Lapslie finds himself facing one of the toughest cases of his career. Then, in short order, he has a second murder on his hands: a man is found dead in a train-station bomb explosion. Despite all odds, Lapslie begins to suspect that the two high-profile cases may be connected. Under pressure to produce results and with the media bearing down on him and his synaesthesia going wild, Lapslie approaches his breaking point, but the solution to what’s beginning to look like the crimes of an especially evil—and diabolically creative—serial killer remains elusive. To make matters worse, the killer’s next target may be much closer than Lapslie could possibly guess.

About the Author

Nigel McCrery was a police officer in the British Murder Squad, working on several murder inquiries, before attending Cambridge University. He is the author of "Still Waters" and of many other novels, including the Dr. Samantha Ryan mysteries, and the creator of the television drama series "Silent Witness "and" Old Dog, New Tricks." He lives in London.

Praise For Tooth and Claw: A Mystery

Praise for Still Waters
“Creepy, menacing, and downright frightening . . . A page-turner teeming with tension.”
—Baltimore Sun
“McCrery’s stellar thriller starts with a gruesome bang.”
Entertainment Weekly
“Chilling . . . Violet Chambers is the dark side of Miss Marple.”
Los Angeles Times Book Review
“This exquisitely macabre mystery will keep you firmly planted until the last page is turned.”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“First-rate entertainment . . . Still Waters is no garden-variety mystery. From its breathtakingly brutal prologue to its horrifying revelation of responsibility, it will leave you marveling at McCrery’s storytelling skills.”
Richmond Times-Dispatch