Still Waters: A Mystery (Hardcover)

A Mystery

By Nigel Mccrery

Pantheon, 9780307377036, 288pp.

Publication Date: July 15, 2008



When the badly decayed body of an elderly woman is unearthed, Detective Chief Inspector Mark Lapslie and his sergeant, Emma Bradbury, are called in on the case. The body provides only two mysterious clues to the identity of the murderer: someone with a deadly knowledge of household plants used shears to clip the fingertips off the corpse's right hand. But this dearth of evidence is not Lapslie's only problem. He's just returned to the force after a year of relative isolation, trying to avoid the worst symptoms of his synasethsia, a neurological condition that causes him to "taste" sound and that makes his life as complicated as any crime he's been charged with solving. Now he's flooded again--not only with the convolution of senses that can drive him nearly mad but also with the increasing convolutions of the case. The murder appears to be the work of a serial killer, and the investigation is leading in a direction that could be extremely detrimental to Lapslie's career--if not to his very life.

Razor-sharp, viscerally descriptive, mesmerizingly eerie and entertaining--and with one of the most clever, ruthless, and sympathetic villains to appear in ages--Still Waters is a stunning start to an exciting new series.

Praise For Still Waters: A Mystery

“First-rate entertainment. . . . Creepy and occasionally comical. . . . Still Waters is no garden-variety mystery. From its breathtakingly brutal prologue to its horrifying revelation of responsibility, it will leave you marveling at McCrery's storytelling skills. And how many mysteries can you name that quote Browning, Yeats and Eliot?”-- Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Creepy, menacing, and downright frightening. . . . A page turner teeming with tension."--The Baltimore Sun

"McCrery's stellar thriller starts with a gruesome bang."--Entertainment Weekly

"Chilling. . . . Violet Chambers is the dark side of Miss Marple."--Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Highly original. . . . Arsenic and Old Lace meets the Galloping Gourmet in Still Waters, the first in a series of tasty mysteries."--Madison County Herald

“Every writer needs a hook, and Nigel McCrery provides just that in the prologue of Still Waters. He throws out the line and snags the reader right away. This shocking opening is one tantalizing lead-in.”–The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina

"This exquisitely macabre mystery will keep you firmly planted until the last page is turned."--Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Touted as the beginning of a series, Still Waters will rush by at a stunning pace. Nigel McCrery, author of the Dr. Samantha Ryan mysteries, brings readers a brand new slant on the detective novel and a fresh face in the police department.”--Bookreporter

"A must read." --Kirkus Reviews (starred)

"Hook[s] a reader positively and absolutely. [McCrery is] expert at the fast-paced thriller." --Library Journal (starred)

"Extremely creepy . . . Compelling." --Booklist

"McCrery introduces an excellent new detective . . . Highly original." --Daily Mail

"Arresting . . . Few readers will put the book down." --Daily Express

"A fast-moving, original and often genuinely frightening novel." --Euro Crime

"Arsenic and Old Lace run wonderfully amok." --Time Out, London