Cesar's Way Journal: A Resource and Record Book for Dog Owners (Spiral)

A Resource and Record Book for Dog Owners

By Cesar Millan

Potter Style, 9780307396310, 128pp.

Publication Date: April 8, 2008



Cesar Millan, star of TV's Dog Whisperer, is America's most sought-after dog-behavior expert. Drawn from his bestselling book Cesar's Way, this reference book and journal is filled with tips, lists, questionnaires, prompts, and guided entry pages that are designed to help you establish a balanced and fulfilling relationship with your dog. You will learn to:

Choose a dog that is appropriate for you and your family, and the proper steps to follow when introducing a new dog to your home.

Acknowledge some of your deeper reasons for getting a dog: Are you imposing your own emotional needs on your pet—and missing what your dog actually needs as a result?

Understand the difference between discipline and punishment—and how to set rules, boundaries, and limitations for your dog.

Stay organized and on top of the routine aspects of pet care by maintaining veterinary records and other important information about your dog in the back of this journal.