Fools Rule: Inside the Failed Politics of Climate Change (Paperback)

Inside the Failed Politics of Climate Change

By William Marsden

Vintage Books Canada, 9780307398253, 328pp.

Publication Date: August 7, 2012



From the National Business Book Award-winning author of "Stupid to the Last Drop," a captivating polemic on the global failure to deal with climate change.
Kyoto, 1997. Montreal, 2005. Copenhagen, 2009. Cancun, 2010. In "Fools Rule," Marsden illustrates how inefficient and short-sighted political negotiations have become despite mounting scientific evidence that immediate action is essential to curb the effects of climate change. International climate change summits are now widely monitored events, attended by state leaders and crowded with journalists; yet somehow they have never been less productive. Treaties and action plans are smothered by economic self-interest, diplomatic errors and every nation's hungry scramble for its share of the remaining atmospheric space.
Marsden takes us from inside the bungled negotiations at Copenhagen to the melting glaciers and untapped oil reserves of the Arctic; he shows us the paralyzing effect oil and gas companies have on green legal initiatives in the United States, and therefore on any international climate change treaty; and, with wit and penetrating insight, he asks the toughest question--will we be able to change before it's too late?

About the Author

WILLIAM MARSDEN is author of "Stupid to the Last Drop" and co-author of the national bestsellers "Angels of Death" and "The Road to Hell." He is a senior investigative reporter for the" Gazette" in MontrEal.

Praise For Fools Rule: Inside the Failed Politics of Climate Change

"William Marsden is one of the finest investigative journalists to ever come out of Canada."
The Gazette
"A well-researched, highly readable follow-up to...Stupid to the Last Drop."
—Winnipeg Free Press
"A thorough journalistic exposure of the denial which currently undermines our political negotiations and an affirmation of the primacy of the science which points to inescapable climate change."
Hot Topic (New Zealand)
"Marsden in full, angry, rhetorical flight is a force to behold." Toronto Star
"As Marsden's book amply demonstrates, a new course on addressing climate change is essential if we're going to save more human lives in the future."
The Georgia Straight