Lego Universe: Prima Official Game Guide (Paperback)

Prima Official Game Guide

By Mike Searle

Prima Games, 9780307470980, 192pp.

Publication Date: October 26, 2010



• Faction guides covering every specialty kit!
• Detailed maps and in-depth walkthroughs for every mission in the game!
• Build anything imaginable by collecting the best LEGO® Bricks and Models!
• Unlock every single achievement with our expert game strategies!
• Master the skills and strategies of the Sorcerer, Samurai, Daredevil, Space Marauder and more!
• Become the ultimate Minifigure and defeat the Maelstrom, from smashing Stromling Mechs to vanquishing Maelstrom Dragons!
• Exclusive content! Complete details on Starbase 3001, the LEGO Club, Brig Rock, the Hidden Dojo, and more!