Thieves Get Rich, Saints Get Shot (Hardcover)

By Jodi Compton

Crown, 9780307588081, 304pp.

Publication Date: July 19, 2011



Thieves Get Rich, Saints Get Shot is the gripping sequel to Jodi Compton’s Hailey’s War.  When we last left her, West Point dropout Hailey Cain had defied a powerful mobster to protect a pregnant teenager and child. The events of Hailey’s War nearly cost Cain her life, but Thieves Get Rich, Saints Get Shot sees Hailey back in Los Angeles, now second-in-command to rising gangster Serena “Warchild” Delgadillo. 

At the heart of this thrilling novel is a complex case of stolen identity, ruthless motives, and violent crime that puts Hailey back on the road, with her old friend Warchild by her side, to reclaim her name and chase down the murderer who has taken it. 

Fast-paced, suspenseful, and teeming with powerful young characters, Thieves Get Rich, Saints Get Shot is a ringing affirmation of Jodi Compton’s high-octane talent.

About the Author

JODI COMPTON is the author of the acclaimed novels "Hailey's War, ""The 37th Hour, "and "Sympathy Between Humans." She lives in California.

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Praise For Thieves Get Rich, Saints Get Shot

"Hailey is a complex character whose exploits make adrenaline-producing reading, and the resolution here bodes well for the future of this compelling series." --Booklist