It Happened on a Train: Brixton Brothers, Book 3 (Compact Disc)

Brixton Brothers, Book 3

By Mac Barnett, Arte Johnson (Read by)

Listening Library (Audio), 9780307710482

Publication Date: October 11, 2011



Retired private detective and current seventh grader Steve Brixton has a new career: taking out the garbage on Wednesdays for five bucks a week. But it's hard to leave the old game behind, and on a train trip down the California coast, Steve finds himself pulled back into sleuthing. Soon he's in over his head in four feet and eleven inches of mystery involving a fleet of priceless automobiles, a deadly assassin (or maybe just a faulty lock on a sauna door), and a secret train car filled with intrigue. Plus there's a girl involved, which complicates everything. I mean she's just Steve's friend. And really, they barely even know each other. It's not like they re boyfriend or girlfriend or anything, okay?

About the Author

Mac Barnett is the author of the Brixton Brothers series, "Oh No! Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World," and "Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem." Born to non-farmers in California farming community, Mac now lives near San Francisco. He s on the board of directors of 826LA, a nonprofit writing center for students in Los Angeles, and he founded Echo Park Time Travel Mart, a convenience store for time travelers.

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