You Must Remember This: Easy Tricks and Proven Tips to Never Forget Anything, Ever Again (Paperback)

Easy Tricks and Proven Tips to Never Forget Anything, Ever Again

By Karen Dolby

Broadway Books, 9780307716255, 285pp.

Publication Date: August 10, 2010



Quick Name the planets in the solar system Not so easy, is it? All the facts and scraps of knowledge we've learned throughout our education can be forgotten over time, and are often impossible to recall when we need them most (i.e., an intense game of Trivial Pursuit ). But with "You Must Remember This," all those facts and trivia will come flooding back, for good. From the beloved master of the color spectrum "Roy G. Biv," to easy tips to help learn the basics of any language, "You Must Remember This "is the perfect addition to anyone's book shelf. It includes hundreds of handy mnemonics to help you remember a wealth of information:
The four oceans of the world:
I Am A Person
The presidential heads carved on Mount Rushmore:
We Just Like Rushmore
And of course, those planets (sans Pluto):
My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles
Whether you want to remember fact, poems, or speeches, or just learn how to remember daily errands without being so dependent on lists, this book is for you. Discover techniques used by memory experts, how actors learn their lines, and how your brain works to store memories. Both an invaluable collection of memory tricks and a fascinating look at the workings of our memory," You Must Remember This" is the perfect resource to ensure that you'll never be short of memory again.

About the Author

KAREN DOLBY has written 12 books, but finds it hard to remember their titles. She has two teenage children for whom she has to remember everything and a husband who finds it hard to remember what day of the week it is. She wrote this book for him.