Your Own Two Feet (And How to Stand on Them): Surviving and Thriving After Graduation (Paperback)

Surviving and Thriving After Graduation

By Ingrid Meyer

St. Martin's Griffin, 9780312241346, 224pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2000



Until now mom and dad paid, but suddenly you're on your own. Is a degree really enough to fall back on? Your Own Two Feet demystifies the process of getting a life together on the double-quick.

Learn how to:
* manage your "adult" finances - realistically
* get and set up an apartment
* seek a job that actually makes sense
* get connected to an unfamiliar community
* keep safe and healthy
* fill the friend void with people you really want to know
* and have a great time while living independently

Perfect for the new graduate about to be flung out into the cold, cruel world, Your Own Two Feet eases the process and serves as a sane but fun mini-reference for the first few years out of the nest.

About the Author

Ingrid Meyer stood on her own two feet after graduating from Carleton College in 1990. Currently, she is a senior editor at" Bloomberg Magazine" in New Jersey. This is her first book.