The New Normal: An Agenda for Responsible Living (Paperback)

An Agenda for Responsible Living

By David Wann

Griffin, 9780312575434, 274pp.

Publication Date: January 4, 2011



In "Simple Prosperity," Dave Wann showed readers how to have an abundant, sustainable life. In "The New Normal," he challenges us to do some heavy lifting and transform our non-sustainable culture by transforming ourselves. For Wann, our current "old normal" lifestyle - buying water in disposable bottles, allowing the government to ignore global warming - will not preserve the planet. To nurture our world, he challenges us to rethink our lives, stand up for a healthy planet and move towards a "new normal" lifestyle in an agenda that includes:
- Initiating local business alliances that actively lobby for local buying.
- Creating an investment strategy that values the balance of nature.
- Supporting the design, manufacture, and use of products made with natural chemicals.
- Publicly advocating a more efficient use of water by placing a higher cultural value on wetlands, streams, rivers, and lakes.

The New Normal is Dave Wann's way forward, a blueprint for a better life that preserves our world.

About the Author

DAVID WANN is the author of many books including "Simple Prosperity: Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle" and the bestselling "Affluenza," which he co-authored. He lives in Golden, Colorado.