Love and Happiness (Hardcover)

By Galt Niederhoffer

St. Martin's Press, 9780312643737, 218pp.

Publication Date: September 10, 2013



Jean Banks won't give up on love. It's the prism through which she sees the world, the stuff of the independent movies she produces in New York City, and it created the son and daughter she shares with her director husband, Sam. But the course of love doesn't run smooth for a harried woman in her mid-thirties who feel her choices and responsibilities solidifying around her, becoming permanent. And what's wrong with keeping alive a private connection to love by remembering the paths "not" taken, the men not engaged with?

"Love and Happiness" tackles the eternal, essential subjects of love and commitment through one woman's struggle to sort out her romantic life. How will Jean resolve the emotional chaos raised in her heart by her attractions to her husband, a former flame and a mysterious but tantalizing stranger? Is it possible to love more than one man fully? Set partly in the illogical world of independent movies a world author Galt Niederhoffer knows well and in New York City and Los Angeles, "Love and Happiness" is a rich, intense story of love and attraction, choice and consequence.

About the Author

GALT NIEDERHOFFER is the author of A Taxonomy of Barnacles and The Romantics, which became a movie written, directed and produced by Niederhoffer. Her production company, Park Pictures, has produced more than two dozen movies.